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In the space below, the main provisions on the General Law of Tourism, the Law on Special Areas of Interest and the Consumer Protection Code, as well as specific legislation, such as environmental, financial and tax.


Rules on the National Policy on Tourism, defining the responsibilities of the Federal Government in the planning, development, and stimulus for the tourism sector; revokes Law No. 6505, from December 13, 1977, Decree-Law No. 2294, from November 21, 1986, and provisions in Law 8181, from March 28, 1991; and other matters. 


Rules on the creation of Special Areas and Tourist Interest Locations; on the Inventory with tourist purposes of cultural and natural value assets; adding an item to art. 2 in Law No. 4132, from September 10, 1962; changing in wording and addition of provision to Law No. 4717, from June 29, 1965; and other matters.


Rules on the consumer protection and other matters.


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